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Liam and Kyle Bashford are award-winning film and commercial Directors. They have earned multiple awards and nominations for their films including Best Director at the Young Independent Film and TV Awards and Best Short Film at the Oscar Qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Operating out of Pinewood Studios for eight years learning and working alongside Bafta-winning directors, they have collaborated with top industry Production Companies such as Entertainment One and have directed commercials for major brands British Airways and Nestle. Their films, Smile, Then & Now, 3 Million Dollar Milkshake and Colourblind garnered worldwide distribution and festival success collecting over 20 awards and 60 nominations. They recently directed Waiting For Time, a powerful story based on men's mental health. The film stars Ariyon Bakare and Jade Harrison. 


Away from the Film Industry, The Bashford Twins are also big believers in giving back to those in need. They have raised over £45,000 for various charities including Children In Need, Help For Heroes, Beat Bullying UK and donating to thei‍‍‍r local Children's hospitals.